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I'm Amy and I'm a college student. I believe in Jesus Christ & have a passion for music. Texas.
Short story

So while I was at school on tuesday I went to use the restroom and afterwards I washed my hands and noticed a book laying by the sink I looked under the stalls to see if anyone one was there and It was only me. I realy don’t remeber seeing it when I came in so I waited a bit to see if anyone would come back for it and no one did so I grabbed and it was 50 shades of grey: Darker (which must be the second part or third to the first one) and I remeber hearing alot of good stuff about it. So I quicly opened it and it had no name on it and I took it (since no one really never came back) and I began to read it and oh my I love it!!! I get so into it haha

so yeah I’m sure there is a few of you guys have heard of it.

I recommend it!!!

(note to self read the first one)

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